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The Adrian Peterson experiment in New Orleans is going to need some time. I counted nine snaps for Peterson with six carries (18 yards, no touchdowns), his lowest total in his career, per NFL Research. He was not booed (at least not loudly enough to hear it on television), but coach Sean Payton had him in the backfield for his first career non-Vikings snap.Cheap Jerseys.On the field, the Saints used him exactly how the world expected Peterson to be used. Just once by my count he appeared in a formation that didn’t also feature Drew Brees directly under center. That one shotgun snap also saw Peterson motioned out wide and Brees sacked.Cheap China Jerseys.In a perfect world, I believe he will be the type of player LeGarrette Blount was in New England — a convenient closer when the Saints are ahead. There are already two backs (Alvin Kamara and Mark Ingram) who fit the system as presently constructed much better.

In a memo last year, NFL executives blamed a “confluence of events” for the league’s ratings decline. They largely attributed the decrease in primetime numbers to the contentious presidential election between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, which sucked viewers to cable news networks in droves.Wholesale NFL Jerseys.Ratings increased once the election ended, lending credence to the theory. There are other hypotheses that explain the dip, depending on whom you ask. Right-wing pundits say national anthem protests harm ratings, even though those claims have been debunked. On the opposite end of the spectrum, some activists say they’re boycotting due to Colin Kaepernick’s continued unemployment. The NFL’s concussion crisis and myriad of off-field controversies might be driving away viewers, too.Authentic NFL Jerseys.My colleague John Tomase says he didn’t watch any football Sunday, because he can no longer ignore the prevalence of CTE among ex-players.

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Week 1 of the NFL season traditionally provides a glimpse at how the teams we saw last season have changed. It’s often full of surprises, like when Alex Smith and the Chiefs went into Foxborough on Thursday night and stomped the defending champion Patriots 42-27 with a deep-strike offense that rained fire from the sky.Jerseys For Sale.For the projected contenders in the NFC, though, Sunday’s season-opening performances were mostly worthy of a looped audiotape of the late Denny Green: They are who we thought they were.The Seahawks offensive line basically ceased to exist in a 17-9 loss to the Packers.China Jerseys.The Giants defense looked formidable for most of a 19-3 loss to the Cowboys, but their offense failed to get anything going without injured wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. And while the Falcons showed flashes of their 2016 form in a 23-17 victory over the Bears, they also hinted at offensive regression in the way that many predicted.

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